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  • “We know from experience that DomainsBot suggestions are great at driving increased domain name sales. In fact, high quality suggestions are so important that we provide DomainsBot suggestions free of charge to our Resellers through our API and directly to end-users through our OpenSRS Storefront. DomainsBot is a key element in providing the best domain search API in the business.”

    Elliot Noss
    President and CEO, Tucows

  • “In 2008 Sedo has made a minority investment in DomainsBot and has also been making an intensive use of its technology as a customer for several years. All throughout our partnership we have been strongly impressed with their professionalism, technical innovation and ability to create solutions aimed at increasing revenues for Sedo and for our customers.”

    Tim Schumacher
    CEO, Sedo

  • “The implementation of the Semantic Engine Search Tool was very smooth and the DomainsBot team has been very helpful and supportive. The quality of the semantic search improved user experience and significantly increased the relevance of results.”

    Michele Van Tilborg
    Director, SnapNames & Moniker

  • “The DomainsBot service allowed us to offer our customers improved results each time they searched for a domain name. Implementation was straight forward and our relationship with the DomainsBot team, during and since implementation, has never been anything short of excellent.”

    Brian Tait
    Marketing Manager, EasySpace

  • “DomainsBot has provided us with a valuable snapshot of what is happening right now in the domain name space. Emiliano and his team developed a custom approach for DotGreen that delivers information unique within the industry.”

    Annalisa Roger
    Founder/Ceo, DotGreen

  • “Thank you very much for your hard work. I think the extra data has strengthened our case for out new TLD applications.”

    Jacob Williams
    Ceo, UrbanBrain

  • “The DomainsBot name suggestion tool has been a great addition to our website. Being able to provide our customers with more relevant choices for domain name registrations has increased the conversion rate noticeably. The technical integration was simple, and the staff at DomainsBot are extremely helpful.”

    Steve Holford
    Product Marketing Director,